Calling all Summer Orchestra Musicians!

We have a concert opportunity Wednesday, October 26, to play at the Halton Theater for the opening show of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble. Details will be emailed by Christina soon. Hopefully we can all play together again for this great concert!

Master’s Musicians School of Music is a place where music comes alive!
We invite you to share in our love for classical music. Try one of our many classes and find out just how fulfilling music can be!



New Fees

**The following prices are effective July 30, 2016**

$23    30 minute lesson
$30    45 minute lesson
$40    1 hour lesson
Family discount is $20 for 30 minutes

Rentals will be billed monthly with the lesson bill
$15 for violins
$20 for violas
$30 for cellos

Emmanuel Quartet Participated in WDAV Young Players Competition

Emmanuel Quartet
The Emmanuel Sting Quartet was allowed to participate in WDAV’s Young Chamber Players Competition in March. What a great experience!  The quartet, comprised of Stephen and Joseph Gaynier, and Laura and Kristi Roller, recorded two contrasting pieces – a nocturne by Borodin and the second, Allegro Moderato by Shostakovich. Chamber music has been such an encouragement to these four. It has boosted their playing ability, helped them connect with the music community and improved their musicianship over all! I want to encourage all you string players out there, be a part of an orchestra or chamber group during the year. This will improve your playing so very much!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEacwGWOLzc&app=desktop  (Borodin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN5KSJugdu0   (Shostakovich)

Summer Orchestra

Summer Orchestra is the best part of my summer! We play the best music, learn so much from playing with others and just have a really great time!

This opportunity is open to all string players in Suzuki Book 1 and beyond.

Orchestra meets Thursday mornings from 10-12:30 at:

New Life Church – 1302 Cuthbertson Road, Waxhaw NC
Dates: June 9-July 28
Concert: TBA
Cost: $160 per person
(if you have been in our orchestra 5 years or more you play for FREE)

Summer Session start June 13

Summer is a great time to practice! When the kids are bored or need something to do with their brains why don’t you get them involved with some summer music lessons – a great time to catch up and work on technique!

Starting June 13we will start our summer session. You must schedule lessons with your own individual teacher.

Payment is due at every lesson you receive. There will be no invoicing for the summer session.